Moving Guide – Your Move

Your first contact with Skaleski Moving & Storage, Inc. after an initial phone call or email will be with one of our moving counselors. Advising the family on every aspect of a well-planned move is the primary responsibility of these professionals.

Your moving counselor will come to your home to explain to you and your family the many services that Skaleski Moving & Storage offers. Having done that, your moving counselor will perform a survey of everything in your home that will be moved - and he or she will probably point out things along the way that; can't be moved (flammables such as cans of paint, for example), that may require special attention (crating for a slate-top pool table, perhaps) or items that must be prepared for the move by you or a third party (disconnecting a gas dryer or draining a waterbed are two common examples).

This survey allows the counselor to provide you with an estimate of costs and various pricing options you may choose from. (See How Your Moving Charges Are Determined for more information.) Once you decide on Skaleski Moving & Storage as your mover, you'll be asked to sign an Order for Service, at which point your moving counselor will register your move with us.